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12th October 2019 - Singles Stableford
1st N Boyd 45 Pts
2nd D Trow 44 Pts ocpo
3rd A Frost 44 Pts
Two Balls: R Harris, A Frost, D Trow, S Smith, T Rands, D Harris
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: R Harris
5th October 2019 - 4BBB
1st M Hammond & S Ashworth 48 Pts ocpo
2nd M Talat & A Faisal 48 Pts
Two Balls: M Tariq, M Tench, T Proctor, N Boyd
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: N Boyd
21st September 2019 - Singles Stableford
1st S Smith 42 Pts ocpo
2nd I Hanson 42 Pts
3rd D Arthur 41 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: I Hanson, K Barber, D Harris, F Ashan, J Crowley
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: I Hanson
14th September 2019 - Tom Wilson Competition - Medal
1st N Kelly 61 Nett
2nd C Chadwick 65 Nett ocpo
3rd D Harris 65 Nett
Two Balls: D Taylor, A Frost, T Morris, C Ward
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: D Taylor
7th September 2019 - Mind Charity Day - 4 Man Team - 2 to count, all on par 3's
1st M Tench, P Thornsby, D Harris, S Girdlestone 108 Nett
2nd A McGee, C Chadwick, L Wood, J Mullin 106 Nett
3rd T Rands, S Simpson, N Simpson, D Trow 104 Nett
2 Balls- P Thornsby, D Harris, M Tench, G Garner
31st August 2019 - 4 Man Texas Scramble
1st Ali, Faisel, Tariq M, Talat M 54.7 Nett
2nd M Davies, A Frost, N Simpson, D Trow 55.2 Nett
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: T Morris
24th August 2019 - Power Play - Modified Stableford
1st L Ashworth  
2nd T Gorman  
3rd V Forde  
Two Balls: C Rodgers, R Harris
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: M Thompson
17th August 2019 - Ted and Daves Competition - Stableford
1st L Ashworth 45 Pts ocpo
2nd M Tench 45 Pts
3rd A Frost 43 Pts
4th T Gorman 42 Pts
2 Balls- M Tench, V Forde, N Boyd, M Hammond, L Ashworth, G Partington
3rd & 10th August 2019 - Captains Trophy - Medal
1st L Gattenby 123 Nett
2nd T Gorman 132 Nett
3rd T Rands 133 Nett
4th D Melvin 135 Nett
Week 1 Winner: : K Barber
Week 2 Winner: D Harris
Nearest Pin - 5th/14th - A Frost, 17th M Tench, 2nd Week: 6th - D Trow
27th July 2019 - Medal
1st S Smith 59 Nett
2nd L Ashton 65 Nett
3rd C Metcalf 66 Nett
4th D Bradbury 67 Nett
Two Balls: L Gattenby, Tax M, C Chadwick, T Proctor

Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: A Frost,

Nearest Pin 6th/15th - K Shuja

20th July 2019 - Baileys Day - 4BBB
1st A Frost & G Partington 52 Pts
2nd J Tildsley & M Thompson 48 Pts
3rd L Ashworth & P Thornsby 47 Pts
2 Balls: P Marshall

Nearest Pin: 7th- Captains Pot: A McGee

Nearest Pins: 12th - G Partington, 17th - J Crowley

6th & 13th July 2019- Presidents Trophy - Stableford
1st P Laughran 80 Pts ocpo
2nd A Ahmed 80 Pts ocpo
3rd R Harris 80 Pts
4th L Gattenbey 78 Pts
Week 1 Winner: : C McGradey - 42 Pts
Week 2 Winner: P Thornton - 46 Pts
2 Balls: T Proctor, T Rands, L Ashworth
Nearest Pin - Captains Pot: P Thornton
29th June 2019 - Joe Williams Memorial - Medal
1st M Holden 65 Nett
2nd T Rands 66 Nett
3rd D Entwistle 67 Nett ocpo
4th R Harris 67 Nett
22nd June 2019 - Christine Crane Memorial - Stableford
1st M Tench 46 pts
2nd J Jones 44 Pts
3rd T Walsh 40 Pts ocpo
4th T Rands 40 Pts
Two Balls: I Hanson, N Simpson, L Ashton
Nearest Pin- Captains Pot: G Partington
15th June 2019 - US Open Championship - Medal
1st M Davies 65+70=135
2nd M Tench 68+69 =137
3rd P Laughran 66+73=139
4th N Kelly 71+68=139
2 Balls: A McGee, K Shuda, K Barber,G Byrne, P Marshall, A Frost
Nearest Pin - Captains Pot: A McGee
8th June 2019 - Invitation Day- 4 Man Texas Scramble
1st D Arthur, C Metcalf, P Laughran, S Laughran 54.1 nett
2nd M Murray, D Payne, G Partington, S Taylor 54.8 nett
All Member team: C Ward, L Wood, M Tench, P Thornsby - 53.8 nett
Nearest Pins: C Ward x2, R Spencer
1st June 2019 - MM Golf Fitness - Stableford
1st L Kilty 45 Pts
2nd S Smith 44 Pts
3rd A Frost 43 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: M Murray, G Anderson, G Garside, D Goodbier
Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: G Garside
25th May 2019 - Club Championship - Medal
1st J Tildsley - Club Champion 76 Gross
2nd D Harris 77 Gross ocpo
3rd A Frost 77 Gross
Best Nett C McGrady 65 nett
Two Balls:C Chadwick, D Trow, K Barber, P Laughran, D Entwistle
Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: J Jones
18th May 2019 - Green Keepers Rake - Foursomes
1st S Ashworth & A Hurn 66 Nett
2nd T Rands & D Trow 71 Nett ocpo
3rd N Boyd & I Palmer 71 Nett
4th A Frost & A McGee 72 Nett ocpo
11th May 2019 - Kev Ripley's Odds & Evens - Modified Stableford
1st G Howard 66 Pts
2nd J Jones 62 Pts
3rd S Crane 60 Pts ocpo
4th C Hogg 60 Pts
Two Balls: M Murray, D Bradshaw, J Crowley, A McGee, I Brown
Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: C Hogg
4th May 2019 - 4 Man Texas Scramble
1st M Murray, M Tench, R Wood, P Thornsby 55.1 Nett
2nd T Gorman, L Thompson, N Murray, G Watson 58.3 Nett
Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: M Davies
25th April 2019 - Vets - Chairmans Shield
1st C McGrady 32 Pts ocpo
2nd J Clarke 32 Pts
3rd J Ball 31 Pts
20th April 2019 - St Georges Day - Invitational - 4 Man Texas
1st T Walsh, B McGreavy, T Proctor, D Horrocks 53 Nett
2nd K Daley, L Hoyle, M Thompson, R Bell 53.2 Nett
3rd C Metcalf, S Laughran, R Blackman, AJ 54.3 Nett
Nearsest Pins - 3/12: J Parry, 9/18: M Thompson, 7: M Thompson, 6/15: D Arthur
Nearest the Line: G Shooter
4 Lucky Dip From Cards: TBC
16th April 2019 - Vets - Jack Hazeldine League Rd1
1st S Crane 35 Pts ocpo
2nd D Bradbury 35 Pts ocpo
3rd N Bailey 35 Pts
13th April 2019 - Singles Stableford, Masters Pairing
1st C Metcalf 36+44
2nd Faisal 37+39
3rd T Proctor 38+37
Captains Pot: - C Chadwick,
Two Balls: Ali (Eagle), P Marshall, D Bradbury, C Johnson, C Chadwick, C Ward
Lucky Dip From Cards: A Meadows
6th April 2019 - Captain's Drive - In - Medal
1st R Wood 66 Nett
2nd I Hanson 67 Nett
3rd S Lavallee 68 Nett
Two Balls: M Tahir
Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: J Clark
4th April 2019 - Vets - Stan Ramsbottom League Rd1
1st D Albiston  
2nd G Howard  
3rd P Marshall  
30th March 2019 - 3 Man Texas Scramble
1st I Hansen, D Melvin, N Boyd 56.5 Nett
2nd M Thompson, J Crowley, K Daley 58.7 Nett ocpo
3rd T Rands, A Frost, D Trow 58.7 Nett

Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: M Davies

23rd March 2019 - Pro Shop Competition (Medal)
1st D Melvin 64 Nett
2nd S Ashworth 64 Nett
3rd M Tahir 66 Nett
Two Balls:  D Melvin, M Tahir, S Levallie, C Metcalf, W North
Nearest the Pin - Captains bonus pot: M Tahir
Winter League Winner:  M Davies
Winter League 2nd  Rik Blackman
Winter League 3rd M O'Callaghan  
Winter League 4th  Gerry De Maine
14th February 2019 - Vets - Bert Horrox Memorial - 3 Man Team
Winners MJ Clarke, N Kelsh & K Wright