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4th November 2017 - Captains Charity Day - Kershaws Hospice
1st W North & S Shaw 33 Pts
2nd R Blackman & C Metcalf 32 Pts
3rd T Taylor & W Taylor 31 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: A Atkins

Nearest Pins: 1st Hole - R Blackman, 12th Hole (in two) - T Walsh, 18th Hole - M O'Callaghan

28th October 2017 - 3 Man Team- all to count par 3's
Winners C Ward, I Hanson, N Mills  
Two Balls: K Barber, C Ward, N Mills
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: S Crane
21st October 2017 - Monthly Medal
Div 1 R Blackman  
Div 2 S Ashworth  
Div 3 S Slav  
Two Balls: M O'Callaghan, N Taylor
14th October 2017 - 4BBB - all to count par 3's
1st K Barber & I Hanson 54 Pts
2nd K Daley & J Crowley 51 Pts
Two Balls: Mr Captain (eagle), S Crane, M O'Callaghan
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: K Ripley
7th October 2017 - Roll-Up Stableford - Sue Wilson Course
1st M Holden 36 Pts ocpo
2nd K Ripley 36 Pts
30th September 2017 - Powerplay Stableford
1st J Clark 47 Pts
2nd M Thompson 46 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: M Thompson, C Ward, S Crane
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: M Holden
23rd September 2017 - Four Man Texas Scramble
1st P Barker, P Bailey, N Brogden, D Simpson 54.3 Nett
2nd N Mills, C Ward, L Ashworth, L Wood 57.1 Nett
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: S Ashworth
16th September 2017 - Monthly Medal
Div 1 C Ward 69 Nett
Div 2 N Boyd 64 Nett
Div 3 R Harris 63 Nett
Two Balls: J Crowley, S Ashworth
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: P Barker
2nd September 2017 - Christine Crane Memorial - Stableford
1st A Hurn 44 Pts
2nd M Ali 41 Pts ocpo
3rd G Byrne 41 Pts
Two Balls: D Melvin, K Suija
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: K Barber
26th August 2017 - 2 Man Texas Scramble
1st R Blackman & C Metcalf 63 nett
2nd S Crane & W North 68.3 nett
19th August 2017 - Dave & Ted's Single Stableford
1st I Brown 43 Pts
2nd I Hanson 42 Pts
3rd L Wood 40 Pts
Two Balls: P Bailey, M Thompson, S Laughran (Eagle)
5th & 12th August 2017 - Captains Championship - Singles Medal
Captains Overall Winner - M Tahir 67+66 = 133 Nett
Overall 2nd A Frost 70+67 = 137 Nett ocpo
Overall 3rd M Holden 70+67 = 137 Nett
Week 1 Winner T Gorman 69 Nett
Week 2 Winner K Suija 62 Nett
Two Balls: Wk 1: D Trow (Eagle), C Ward, I Ashraf, D Entwistle, M Spurrett, A Curran - Wk 2: E Billsbourgh, V Forde
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: Wk 1: A Curran - Wk 2: T Rands
Nearest the Pin in Two 5th/14th: I Ashraf
Nearest the Pin 7th: M Melvin
Nearest the Pin 17th: K Ripley

29th July 2017 - FACT Charity Day Invitational - 4 Man Team
1st K Suija, Ray, G Watson, C Metcalf 106 Pts
2nd N Boyd, L Gattenby, T Senior, J Parry 104 Pts
3rd N Brooks, T Muldowney, M Dwayre, M Holden 100 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: P Spencer, R Grumbridge, M Thompson, M Mitchell, I Barber, D Simpson
Nearest the Line 1st/10th: K Suija
Nearest thePin 3rd/12th: R Grumbridge
Nearest the Pin 8th/17th: K Suija
Nearest the Pin in Two 6th/15th: K Suija
22nd July 2017 - Tom Wilson Memorial Trophy - Medal
Winner N Mills 60 nett
2nd I Hanson 63 nett
3rd R Blackman 65 nett ocpo
4th I Palmer 65 nett
Two Balls: K Byrne, P Thornton, N Boyd, D Simpson
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: K Byrne
15th July 2017 - Baileys Day - Combined Stableford
1st M Tahir & M Ali 81 Pts
2nd T Walsh & M Davies 75 Pts
3rd L Wood & K Sujia 74 Pts
Two Balls: N Boyd, S Ashworth, T Walsh
NP in 2 - 9th & 18th: K Sujia
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: T Gorman
1st & 8th July 2017 - Presidents - Singles Stableford
Presidents Overall Winner - T Rands 41+39 = 81 Pts
Overall 2nd N Mills 34+39 = 73 Pts
Overall 3rd G Byrne 30+42 = 72 Pts
Week 1 Winner I Hanson 40 Pts
Week 2 Winner I Hanson 46 Pts
Two Balls: I Hanson x 2, M Thompson, D Bradbury, D Arthur, C Jonston.
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: G Partington
24th June 2017 - Joe Williams Memorial & Monthly Medal
Memorial Winner: M Davies
Division 1 D Entwistle 65 nett
Division 2 M Davies 64 nett
Division 3 N Brogden 65 nett
Two Balls: J Crowley (Eagle), D Trow (Eagle), D Entwistle x 2, W North, P Thornton,
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: I Brown
17th June 2017 - US Open Competition - Medal
1st M Davies & T Fleetwood 64+68 = 132
2nd M Thompson & S Garcia 65+71 = 136 ocpo
3rd C Ward & S Garcia 65+71 = 136
Two Balls: K Ripley, T Rands, D Trow
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: L Thompson
Congratulations to M Thompson for setting a new course record of 66 gross
10th June 2017 - Singles Stableford
1st S Ashworth 39 Pts
2nd A McGee 39 Pts
3rd T Proctor 37 Pts
Two Balls: A McGee (Eagle), P Bailey, N Mills
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: P Bailey
3rd June 2017 - Club Invitation Day - 4BBB
1st A Curran & J Walton 46 Pts
2nd N Boyd & M Dwayer 44 Pts ocpo
3rd M Tahir & Shabs 44 Pts
Member & Member - N Wood & L Wood - 41pts
Nearest Pins - 3&12 and nearest in two 9&18 - M Thompson
27th May 2017 - The Greenkeeper's Rake - Foursomes Stableford
1st C Butterworth & S Ashworth 40 Pts
2nd J Clarke & C McDonald 37 Pts ocpo
3rd C Noble & I Hanson 37 Pts
20th May 2017 - Singles Stableford
1st M Davies 37 Pts
2nd D Melvin 36 Pts
3rd P Marshall 35 Pts
Two Balls: D Entwistle, N Mills, J Clark
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: R Harris
13th May 2017 - Club Championship - Medal
Club Champion D Entwistle 73 gross
1st T Proctor 62 nett
2nd A Frost 66 nett
3rd L Wood 68 nett
Two Balls: D Entwistle (eagle), A Frost, D Arthur, N Simpson, M Davies
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: I Palmer
6th May 2017 - Pete and Vinney's 4BBB
1st P Barker & N Brogden 43 Pts ocpo
2nd N Simpson & S Simpson 43 Pts
3rd I Palmer & G Anderson 41 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: M Tahir, J Clarke, N Brogden
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: J Clarke
29th April 2017 - Kevin Ripley's Odds & Evens - Stableford
1st P Marshall 62 Pts
2nd J Flanagan 58 Pts ocpo
3rd T Gorman 58 Pts ocpo
Two Balls: D Bradbury, P Marshall
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: P Marshall
15th April 2017 - Captains vs Presidents
Winning team: Presidents - by 17 to 10
Nearest Pins:
3rd & 12th - M Thompson
7th - T Walsh
5th & 14th - M Thompson
17th - R Blackman
9th & 18th - M Thompson
Captains Bonus Pot NP 3rd: M Thompson
8th April 2017 - Captain's Drive
Division 1 R Wood 71 Nett
Division 2 L Downton 65 Nett
Division 3 K Ripley 70 Nett
Two Balls: L Thompson, C Ward (Eagle)
Sweep Winner: J Crowley with 241 yards
1st April 2017 - 3 Man Team, 2 to count & all to count on par 3's
Winners P Barker, N Brogden & A Hurn 86 Pts
Two Balls: N Brogden, I Hanson
25th March 2017 - Single's Stableford (Q)
1st T Rands 42 Pts
2nd M Holden 38 Pts
3rd R Blackman 37 Pts
Two Balls: L Wood, M Thompson
18th March 2017 - St Pats Invitational - 4BBB
1st J Roberts & J Hunt 42 Pts
2nd C Butterworth & P Neild 41 Pts
3rd G Byrne & G Damaine 40 Pts
2 Members N Brogden & P Barker 40 Pts
Nearest Pins: 3/12 - J Hunt, 8/17 J Hunt
Two Balls: M Thompson (eagle), M Thompson, M Holden, G Byrne, J Hunt
11th March 2017 - 3 Man Texas Scramble
1st M Davies, T Walsh & T Rands 53.5 Nett
2nd N Boyd, N Brooks & M Holden 54.2 Nett
4th March 2017 - 4BBB Stableford
1st N Brogden & P Barker 51 Pts
2nd M Davies & T Walsh 50 Pts
Two Balls: A Hurn (Eagle), D Bradbury, M O’Callahan, R Blackman
25th February 2017 - Singles Medal (9 Holes)
1st C Metcalfe 26 Nett
2nd J Flanagan 28 Nett
Two Balls: K Barber
18th February 2017 - 3 Man Team, best 2 to count (14 Holes)
1st T Rands, M Davies, D Payne 79 Pts ocpo
2nd W North, N Kelly, R Harris 79 Pts
Two Balls: T Rands, P Loughran, L Downton
11th February 2017 - Stableford, Full hdcp (14 Holes-Tom Wilson Course)
1st A Hurn 38 Pts
2nd K Daley 37 Pts
3rd A Frost 35 Pts
Two Balls: T Taylor, T Rands, R Blackman, J Roberts, M Thompson, A Frost
4th February 2017 - 4BBB, 90% hdcp (14 Holes-Tom Wilson Course)
1st A Hurn & R Blackman 41 Pts
2nd M Murray & D Trow 38 Pts
Two Balls: M Murray (Eagle), M Tahir, P Loughran, N Kelly
28th January 2017 - Singles Stableford (12 Holes)
1st C Metcalfe 29 Pts
2nd M Davies 28 Pts
Two Balls: J Crowley
21st January 2017 - Singles Stableford (12 Holes)
1st T Rands 33 Pts
2nd I Palmer 29 Pts ocpo
3rd G Anderson 29 Pts
Two Balls: J Flanagan
7th January 2017 - Singles Stableford (12 Holes)
1st G Demaine 31 Pts
2nd A Hurn 30 Pts ocpo
3rd P Loughton 30 Pts
Two Balls: P Loughhton, G Demaine